So, today is my birthday one year anniversary of my 30th birthday!  So I thought I’d throw it back to my 30th birthday party – one of the greatest nights of my life!  If I could go back to the roll-on glitter, Tamagotchis, Clueless, butterfly clips, tiny backpacks and fuzzy pens, I’d be back in the 90s in a heartbeat.  To celebrate the big 3-0, it was my dream to have a 90s-themed bash!  The night was full of all the BEST music, 90s trivia by Trivia with Budds, inflatable couches, lava lamps, disposable cameras (because you gotta stick with the times), and surrounded by all my best friends who all dressed in their “vintage” garb!  You can listen to my party playlist below and check out some party pics!  tHx qT!!  UR2kEwL!


Dustin’s shoes (left), mine (right)


My Lisa Frank dessert bar <3

Oh hey @JessicaLynn_Photo!!