Oh hey!

I’m Tracy. I was born and raised in Southern California. I am light-hearted, creative, sometimes funny, always silly. I am a wife, new mom to Baby Owen, dog mama to Kona, and a wedding and lifestyle photographer to the fun-loving and sentimental.


For eight years, I traveled down a road to the career I thought I wanted. I finally realized that somewhere in those eight years, I had changed, and with that, my dreams did too. The life I was living wasn’t a life that I wanted, and I made the difficult decision to drop everything and make my hobby a business. It has been the most inspiring and creatively challenging road I’d hoped it would be!


Clients and friends have described my style as bright, airy, cheerful and unafraid of a little color! Laughing photos are my favorite, and clients who commit to letting go and embracing the moment and most importantly, each other.


When I’m not seeing life through a lens, I enjoy spending time with my handsome hubby, Dustin, and our fur baby, Kona. My Friday nights are usually spent at the Happiest Place on Earth, or seeing the latest movie. My guilty pleasure TV show is 90 Day Fiancé and Criminal Minds. I’m a sucker for tropical things because I visit Maui, HI every year for our big family vacation. Country music makes me so happy. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I studied abroad in Hong Kong in 2009. I drink too much Diet Coke and I love grape Jolly Ranchers and Abba-Zabas.