1. What to Expect ///
    • My style is a combination of posed shots and candids, full of life and movement. I’ll give you tons of ideas and direction throughout your session to help you feel at ease – relaxed, natural and playful. I want you to feel free to move and have fun! When you are enjoying time as a family naturally, everyone is more comfortable about being photographed. I may ask you to do or say somethings that are kind of silly in order to draw these interactions out. 
  2. Scheduling ///
    • The best time for portraits is about two hours before sunset during “Golden Hour”.  If that timing happens to work out, then that is awesome!  But if it aligns with nap time, feedings, or the witching hour, then it’s best to skip “Golden Hour” in favor of a more cheerful time of day.  If he/she is happier in the morning, then the next best thing is a sunrise session.
    • Please arrive early.  This is especially important if you have babies that need to be changed into their outfits right before the session begins.  It’s also a chance for your little one to explore and get familiar with the location before we start our session.
    • I’m a natural light photographer, so that means that your agreed upon session start time is timed perfectly for optimal lighting.  The later you are, the more light we lose, and no one wants that!
  3. Relax ///
    • Don’t sweat it if your kids are acting like maniacs! I promise you, I’ve seen it all! I live for the silly, messy chaos that comes with family sessions. Plus, you’d be surprised how beautiful photos can be taken even while the chaos ensues.  Be happy and excited! This day is about you and your family. Don’t stress. Relax, embrace the crazy and have fun! A little bit of goofiness and giggling can make for a great image. Children can sense stress and anxiety. If you relax and roll with the punches it will be much easier for them to enjoy the day.
  4. Prepping the kids ///
    • Get them excited! A strange photographer with a big camera and gear can be a little bit intimidating. I will do my best to make your child feel comfortable but it helps if you prep them before the session. Tell them something fun and exciting is going to happen. Show them other pictures you have of them or the family and tell them that is what they get to do. Give them an incentive – a favorite story or snack when they are finished.
    • Don’t make them practice smiles or poses! The best photos are made when little ones can just relax and be themselves.
    • Be sure they are well-rested and well-fed.
  5. Snacks + Toys ///
    • Bring “clean” snacks (carrots, goldfish, pretzels) and things that make your child happy. If we need to take a snack break, no problem. I let the kids drive the session, so if I can tell they need a break, I’ll focus on other combinations of adults and/or kiddos!
    • If you have an infant, consider bringing a toy or rattle, something that I can hold above my camera to get their attention.
  6. Travel light ///
    • I know this is easier said than done, but I want you to be light on your feet and easily mobile.  Extra props or bags tend to make it difficult to move around to different locations and spontaneous shooting more difficult.  Bring only what you absolutely need and leave the rest in the car.
    • Here’s a list of what you should bring with you:
      • Burp cloth for infants
      • Wipes
      • Toy/Snacks/Water
      • An extra outfit (just in case)
  7. Beach sessions ///
    • Bring an extra outfit for your little ones for the ride home.  If they get a little or lot wet, you’ll be glad you did!
    • Keep wipes and towels in your car
    • Be prepared to remove your shoes.  I frequently get asked “Should we remove our shoes?” Of course!  You should think of our session less like a fancy photoshoot and more like you’re having a family beach day, in really great clothes and a lady with a camera is going to follow you around.  Let’s take full advantage of the landscape, and give you one less thing to worry about – no shoes!
  8. What to Wear ///
    • If you’ve booked a family session with me, I will send you my style guide to help you coordinate outfits and dress for lens!