Oh my word – where do I start with Nick and Vanessa? I remember meeting them for the first time at Pacific City in Huntington Beach for the first time. After I left, I texted Dustin (husband) right away – these are my people. I really hope I book it, and if I don’t, I hope we can still be friends! Well, I got lucky because not only did they hire me, but we became great friends.

Something I thought was so awesome about their story is what an integral role their bridal party played in getting these two together in the first place. It was a team effort in matchmaking, and what a match it was! To be surrounded by the people who brought you two together – how incredible!

I’ll stop talking because you guys need to see this beautiful couple.  Press play on their song, “Sweetheart” – it couldn’t be more perfect for these two!  Love them so much!!  Enjoy!
















Special thanks to the amazing vendors…